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Name:Leilwin Shipless
Birthdate:Feb 1
Location:Seattle, Washington, United States of America

I am: 40; married; mother to the world's cutest little boy and girl; living in Australia back in the US of A; happy overall with the usual share of angst of any livejournaller; a feminist; obsessed with Tegan & Sara and more recently Metric and In This Moment; a college graduate; curious & inquisitive; picky about food; spontaneous at times though a planner at heart; somewhat flaky but willing to do anything for a friend; not as funny as I think I am; loving my dog, cat & 4 chickens; a Girl Scout troop leader now and in the past; reading fantasy books in most of my free time; interested in spying on your life via my friends page...

Transition is a theme for my life lately. There've been a lot of changes recently and a lot more to come.

Most of the time when people ask me what makes me special or different or what I'd like people to know about me, I reply that I (used to be) a Big Sister. That's one of my favorite things to say about myself, because I loved being a Big Sister and I think everyone who has a few free hours per week, and even if you think you don't (I think I don't) you DO, to spend with a kid who loves you and looks up to you and needs you, should DO IT. It's so rewarding, fun, and awesome. DO IT. =)

BTW, it creeps me out a little bit when people add me as a friend but don't say anything to me about it (I'm nosy, I like to know why, etc.!) so if you wouldn't mind, comment to me in a recent post, whether in my journal or some community journal I post in, and let me know you're adding me (and satisfy my curiosity and tell me why!) =)

[my friends see more than you do!]

Thank you to crackified for my awesome Tegan & Sara mood theme =)
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